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Live Streaming

On this page you can watch our Sunday morning services LIVE! The services are 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. (Eastern Time) on Sundays. If you’re here at any other time, there will be no video available. If you’d like to watch a video of a past service, check out our Current Series.

Hey! Before we begin...

  • Due to construction, our live streaming is using only one small camera in the Worship Center. 

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Please help us by calling 866.708.1452 now.
A support technician will help rectify the problem.

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If you would like a pastor to contact you about your spiritual journey, email us!

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  • Looking for a sermon?

    Our sermons and worship are uploaded to our website here on the Tuesday (by the end of the day) after the Sunday they took place. Thanks!
  • Looking for a Podcast?

    If you'd like to listen to the Central Wesleyan sermons in podcast form, you can look us up in the iTunes store under Central Wesleyan Church. From there just click Subscribe. If you'd rather not use iTunes, you can subscribe to our sermon feed using this URL.
  • Give Your Feedback

    We'd love to know how live streaming is working for you. Please fill out this form if you'd like to share. Thanks!
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