At Central, we prioritize the work that God is doing in and through us. We focus on a God who desires Hope and Life for all of His children. We focus upward, deepening our relationship with Him. We focus inward, developing relationships with each other where care, challenge and celebration are common. We also focus outward, pursuing opportunities to holistically care for the needs of our world. Our mission to ‘Amplify the Hope and Life’ that only Jesus brings is pursued with God, in community and on mission.

Mission isn’t a buzzword for us. It’s our heartbeat. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus offers far more than a ticket to heaven when a person dies. We believe the gospel ushers in the rule and reign of God on earth, as it is in heaven, bringing healing and wholeness (shalom). We believe that the Gospel of the kingdom pushes back the evil at work in the world. We see five primary ways this evil is expressed. We call these five expressions the, ‘Five Global Giants.’ Our Gospel mission is a great commission because God’s rule pushes back evil. A uniting feature of our campus strategy is the commitment to address the five global giants through a strategy we have named, AMPED.

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