God wants something for you more than you could ask for or imagine. And we do, too. Thanks for your willingness to give to the Lord’s work through Central. It is through faithful donors like you that God enables the church to press toward its mission of amplifying the hope and life of Jesus here in Holland and all over the world.


**Before signing up for your new giving account, be sure to cancel any scheduled or recurring giving. If you need help, please download the cheatsheet below or call us at 616-392-7083.


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Offering Envelopes

If you regularly give by placing an offering in the offering plate on Sundays we would like to send you personalized and dated offering envelopes. By having your address pre-printed on the envelopes it assists our teller in processing your gift as efficiently and accurately as possible. Email us to request your envelopes now.

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Great News About Taxes & Giving

All contributions made to Central Wesleyan Church are tax-deductible.


For those who are 70 ½, direct IRA distribution may be made to the church. These gifts are sent directly to the church from the custodian of your IRA. Such gifts do not receive giving credit, since they are a direct distribution, but they are not charged as taxable income and they count toward the minimum distribution requirement.

Stocks & Bonds

Stocks and bonds that have appreciated in value are best to donate directly to the church since you receive giving credit for the full market value of the appreciated securities and avoid capital gains and the cost of selling the securities. We are sorry that government issued bonds do not qualify for this program.

The vision for our church


A grounded community

Being actively engaged in making an exceptional commitment to the Bible, prayer and personal spiritual development.


A gracious community

Attracting and embracing people of every culture, every generation and every economic stratum.


A generous community

Unleashing unprecedented levels of compassion, resources and people into our world.

three financial pillars

Central Wesleyan Church does not participate in lots of special offerings as is the custom of most churches. While special offerings come up from time to time, Central Wesleyan Church promotes what is sometimes referred to as three financial pillars.

This is the operational fund for all local ministries. It is from this fund that all expenses are paid for ministry supplies, utilities, property upkeep, transportation, equipment and salaries. To the General Fund is where we teach that one should give to God a tenth of their earnings. The Bible teaches storehouse tithing and we think that the General Fund is the place to give tithes so all the ministries of the church will be blessed and funded.

The Water’s Edge vision leads us to a project that includes the construction a building, renovations and funding for campuses. Much prayer and planning has been committed to this recommendation over the past few years. We identified the need for this project more than ten years ago but the time was never right. We now believe the time is right and that God would be pleased for us to proceed and recommend this vision to you. We believe that the same God who has led us to this vision will supply our needs, just has He has always done in our past, and we have put all of our trust in Him.

Is a fund that challenges people to give beyond tithes and normal sacrificial offerings and to engage faith for God to give through them. In giving by giving to missions, people are inspired to pray for God’s provision and in so doing pray for missionary endeavors around the world. Currently our goal is to direct 20% of missional giving in local or “stateside” mission endeavors and 80% to mission commitments outside the United States.


Our General Operational Budget is the budget that accounts for all expenses to operate all church ministries and the fund that we believe people should direct the Lord’s tithe. Most often it is simply referred to as the “General Budget” and runs from June 1 to May 31 each year. More attention is given to reporting the flow of offerings and expenses for this budget than our other fund because this budget directly impacts every ministry of the church.

2016-17 Audited Financial Statements 2018-19 Proposed Budget
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