Where do I drop off my child after I check them in for Central Kids?
All Kids will be dropped of in their assigned rooms. Nametags should have room numbers on them for drop off and pick up. There are also maps provided at the check in desks.

In Central Kids, is there a difference between first and second hour?
Central Kids offers the same format both hours. We concentrate on one truth for the entire Sunday morning. First and second hour offer the same story and Biblical truth, but it is presented differently.

What is the curriculum for Central Kids?
Our children and middle school ministries are all learning and growing in the faith with one curriculum. The curriculum, 252 Basics, is dedicated to providing interactive ways to learn, developing Christian character and making faith real in the lives of the children.

One specific feature we appreciate in this curriculum is their commitment to partner with families. They provide excellent take home material for the whole family to talk about their faith in Christ.

What is the difference between Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings for Central Kids?
Our Central Kids Sunday program is focused on learning strong Biblical truths by participating in worship and community through small- and large-group venues.

Our Central Kids Wednesday program offers a more informal, fun atmosphere where children and leaders build relationships. We offer activities like fishing, gym and relays as well as dynamic teaching, small groups, and music.

Why are we changing the registration process for Central Kids?
We have changed the registration process at Central Kids for three main reasons: to create a safer environment for families at Central, to create a more streamlined communication process for families with all areas of ministry at Central, and to create faster check-in and check-out processes. These three main components will be achieved once all aspects of integrating a new system is worked through.

I have a child with special needs. Do you have a class or buddy to help them participate?
When you check in your child, let the attendant know you have a child with special needs. Debbie Heiser, Our Special Needs Coordinator, will greet you and gather information about your child’s abilities and limitations. A “Buddy” will help your child participate in our regular programming or use our special needs classrooms to do activities with your child.

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